Open up your mind It's been time too. Like multiply it by two.. Too much is going on.. Not enough to leave alone.. Got more to own.. Dayton's on Caminos Curry on free throws.. Never froze like 8 miles away and redirected.. Selected to be the greatest selection in this episode or era.. Best wishes to the mirror.. Only competition.. Completely viscerated a division.. Of 76ers and fuck niggas yelling fuck niggas at them niggas that chose not to kill y'all.. Straight from the gutta like its Compton.. Steady Mobbing.. Kicking and lynching problems.. Ice cubical to the agency and their agenda ... Solitary and still killing yo intention.. Did I mention.. Hell nahh nigga.. You'll never be at me.. Living life like I'm fuckin 3.. Hunnid.. A nigga stunting Never punting Tarentino subjects.. Using the world as a bystander for my ignorance in public.. Mufuggaaaaaaa



Me & Eve took a trip... Into the garden to vent.. Staring @ tha Tree of life.. Entity asked to just try a lil bit.. It'll give ya Knowledge, why don't ya learn a lil.. Rolled up to understand the real.. Double cupped a 5th of Henn.. Looked into her eyes as if... she was … Continue reading ATOM’S EGO. (DEBAUCHERY) 


Title: Insomnia .... broke nightmares are a reality.. I got million dollar dreams.. But will I see em?? Will I see freedom? Will I stay a slave to carpe diem.. Considering everything that is right.. but I'm still wrong cause I ain't gotta chance to fight.. no chances like.. no gospel rappin that sound alright.. … Continue reading Truth.


Untitled. Concentrate on a vision Mercedes and up is the intention. The penalty was the pension.. The money come like water.. Blood on my hands.. Blood on my dollars.. Who rinsing? Visible to the sky with crazy missions.. Stir that pot watch it come with vigor. Figure I make the world a better picture.. The … Continue reading untitlted

Thieves of Schools. By J. Carter. 

"TEACHER DONT TEACH ME NO NONSENSE" - FELA KUTI - The class is life and the matter is the truth.. what's the matter with you? What's the question that can move the planet to planting proof the universe is you.. creation.. elation.. patience.. the gods and goddesses are waiting.. initially the initiation process was the … Continue reading Thieves of Schools. By J. Carter.