I shouldn’t have never been mad at you last night … I’m doing too much and I’m not in the alignment that I wanna be in.. I believe in myself but I’m in a very toxic environment and I am getting comfortable in it and I’m starting not to give af anymore and it’s eating away at and I just don’t wanna be here anymore.. I don’t like what I’m doing to myself and it hurts cause I just wanna stop and just breathe but even when I breathe I have something else to do and I just never stop … I’m just a slave to myself and I don’t want this shit anymore I’m tired of this shit … I’m tired of being numb and always hurt.. I crack a smile just to let everyone know I’m good and shit ain’t good bro.. I wanna get my life together!! I’m tired of sleeping on floors and eating bullshit .. gettin minimum wages, I’m tired of not being appreciated by even myself like I battle with my life on a daily basis trying to help and find answers to help my family and my love and me.. I never stop.. I just want love .. I just want peace and happiness.. why do I have to work so hard just to have peace !!!!!! WTF!! I’m so tired of this shit.. I don’t want this shit anymore .. I don’t want this part of myself.. so I’m releasing it… fuck how you feel about me.. i don’t care about society anymore.. society don’t even want society… the truth is all a lie and lies just set the foundation for truth, I’m tired of this vibration, I’m not happy where I am and i can only change it.. it’s only my responsibility.. 

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