1. I dig for gold in my soul.. if it ain’t that .. then it gotta go.. I want that green light.. sparking blunts and minds as I flow.. with the universe and the chirps of birds that go..  for blessings and positivity in their wisdom.. watching children play around through the existence.. the vibration is so chillin.. goosebumps form when the sun is up out and it’s intention …Ima be beautiful af today and bout wealth wit my niggas.. that real shit that we never know ..but we feel it .. like intuition said just keep it real & and now she a blessing to love you unconditionally never in fear.. and 4ever like Ms. Jackson ain’t gone hear no sorry from me dear.. appreciating everything as I fly through the clouds in lears.. the leafs ain’t even up this far to see us .. still high as the summer .. but we don’t look down on those that can’t steer.. be careful who driving and never drive lookin in the rear view mirror.. your only competition is your reflection, so who got next ? Start practicing..

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