Love is weird

Compassionate understanding is complicated..
Even when u run in 1st place you’re still underrated..
grateful for everything..
still running for more than millions on the table..
living.. but..
life is labels..
labeling life.. connecting cables..
love plugs in the necessity to make it able…
or to keep them numb to keep it sleep while they’re trying to awaken..
surgery for praying..
Correcting the soul’s cause the body was aching..
unconditionally unconscious..
cause we love to be able..
to live on bullshit and maybe..
and hustle for nothin that our souls can remember in the lately…
what have you done for me..
besides sacrifice time to run from me..
ego driven by fire to burn faithfully..
but love is peace …
love love and see what you think you can you see..
cause sometimes illusions of love ain’t for everybody…
I love you …
I hope you love me..

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