Gods Ambition.

Losing ain’t a option my g
I got the Keys to the game if you locked in to see
I am success
I am blessed
I am the win.
I came to be better than ya favorite sin..
No audibles..
just play the hand.. dealt.. 
Ace of spades with a lil help..
5 and a possible, so it’s logical I’m wealth 
study long.. study wrong..
study again..
Studying literature.. 
writing to god like hi and how you been..                 I miss ya in my life of sin.. 

I need a couple blessings in my hands..

4real this time I’m just tryna advance..

God said I ain’t leave you.. you just stopped listening.. Finish talkin I wanna hear this.. 

I know you create it all but I’m tryna own some land..
now I’m pacing Reggie miller style …yellin at the spikes in the garden of eden all wild.. 
He said you know how Peyton paid dues..
When they blitz on the game like hitler and ray Lew.. I said yeaaa.. 
God said fly as you move to see you past you.. 
There is No competition
But the mirror..
So I gotta start reflecting god as if god my pops..
and Ima split image..

God said you are my nigga.. 

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