This is a poem from the song liberation by OUTKAST written by BIG RUBE.. I love it, it inspired me to write poetry as a kid.. so …here you are.. its best to listen to the song and read the lyrics too.. 


I must admit, they planted a lot of things in the brains and the veins of my strain

Makes it hard to refrain, from the host of cocaine

From them whores, from the flame

From a post in the game

Makes it hard to maintain focus

Then from the glock rounds, and lockdowns, and burials

The seeds that sow, get devoured by the same locusts

Cause it’s a hard road to hope

if your ass don’t move, and the rain don’t fall

And the ground just dry

But the roots are strong, so some survive

So you’re surprised, now how much they cries

You got more juice than Zeus

Slanging lightning trying to frighten

Plains dwellers, of the Serengeti

But get beheaded when you falsely dreaded

Melanin and silicon and collagen injected

Dissecting my pride, fool I don’t wanna get it started

We be the lionhearted, without a fantasy

It’s like that red sprite, you can’t imagine it

unless you lookin at the canvas of life

and not through the peephole of mortality

Single minded mentality

Gettin over on loopholes

Gettin paid two-fold on technicalities

Clicking your heels, scared to voice how you feel

Pack the steel

Picking cotton from the killing fields with no total

I don’t think we in Kansas no mo’ though

Midwest or Dirty South

Clean dressed or dirty mouth

Whether robbin preachers or Killing Poor Righteous Teachers

You a scared demon

Shouldn’t be allowed to spread semen

And your cowardly lies never defyin the jackals of bable 

Running with they pack, tail between your legs

Though the man on your head say the story

As you downplay your glory

Cackling, helping the shackling of your brethren happen

Just by rapping..


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