Concentrate on a vision
Mercedes and up is the intention.
The penalty was the pension..
The money come like water..
Blood on my hands..
Blood on my dollars..
Who rinsing?
Visible to the sky with crazy missions..
Stir that pot watch it come with vigor.
Figure I make the world a better picture..
The frame of mind of a god nigga..
Interviews with the gods nigga..
Running through clouds..
Sweating bullets..
Love the fact that you have the gun..
So get to trigger pulling.
AK of the universe.
They tolerate the bullshit that was in the verse…
First it was for purse..
Control of the minds and who can think what without thinking first..
Lord have mercy..
Lord have answers..
On the hunt like a panther..
Creeping through the eden..
Hungry for meaning
Eating demons they can’t see me..
Asking the angels and guides for reasons..
One said apply yourself for a season..
Come back to me breathing
Time passed.
On that ass..
Now The resume immaculate…
my life is a great time..
The wisdom is too divine..
The snake is my spine..
Speaking like a Cobra now..
Black as fuck taking them all down..



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