Screamin for Freedom…



I can’t move.. 

Still Living…

As hostility is given as a present in the system..

Gotta alien yellin like

Who turned this on??

Streets full of drones..

Hospitals full of clones..

Doctors prone to it, so are the patients that mourn..

What’s the reason??

for the money…

Crabs in a bucket but you still being watched…

But if I tell em..

It’s bullshit too, cuz I’m a sinner and not… 

close to tha trigger..


Short temper…

5’9 with tha soul of a GOD nigga..

Bound for the nonsense

Bound to be convicts

Bound to not have sense..

Lost the feeling Above his neck cuz he was on raised on some Otha shit..

Angered by the innocence 

Silence towards the Violence..

Still lost & missing it..

Still Makin rocks from ice in the kitchen bitch..

Seen the effects attack at a generating vision…

They Smokin these trees cause the branches ain’t tryna deal wit it..

Or anything that I’m sayin..

No cards are worth playin…

Spared nothin.. Just started the slaying..

Weather or not it’s still slaving…

not absurd to saying…

that I maybe shot to death and they’ll be walking round just playin…

maybe shot to death and they’ll be walking round just saying…


where are you…

Freedom cut me loose. .

Evil is the root of all is evil…

The cure is nothing that is Legal…

But that’s the reason it’s so lethal..

They desire to be black & regal..

So Cream is the only way to respect the lead tho….

Capitalism is the game of evil..

So if Malcolm X might disappear in history…so will the history of my people..

Stand Up for our next generation or continue to be seen through..

timeout 4 making babies as mistakes and child support moves.. 

in the community and livin life confused ..

If we can do this shit, That’ll be amazing for the ancestors to see above the sky.. 

Let’s stand up its no excuse why…




I can’t lose cause i need 

Freedom too..

I break chains all by myself…

Don’t let my freedom rot in hell …


Ima keep runnin cause a nigga won’t quit on himself.. 

Will you keep running?

Now tell me do hear me? 



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