Ice cube voice. 

No Conscious…

Ya Concerned about money, as the others pay no mind to schemin..

They just planning in the air waitin for the next human to breath in..

And I’m still tryna warn em but they look at me as egregious..

Tryna be Hey Seuss, I mean Jesus, why me…

Im just a libra??

Found out in Solitary…

change is destined for a reason..

A New Jack in a city of boys, Feelin like I’m tha only king awakened..

Ali as I try to sting & wake up the flagrant..

Mainstream fighting against everything that I’m saying..

Sonny Liston theme music playin..

They Bobbing & Weaving this truth I’m Slangin..

This Black perspective…

If They seen the eye of a new allegiance rising..

Malcolm might have a reason 4 smiling..

Been Watching these plain people walk in solitude, destined to be of greed..

For a while?

For what reason??

Repetition of the same plays, as if life has no where to lead…

As moms tellin a nigga..

“Baby just believe”..

And I’m just wondering if it’s really, be them or leave…

Believing is just the evidence of proper faith..

So I can’t believe this is it, for your fate…

Bounding you niggass..

by beliefs that are treaded upon in war & in hate…

Praying lil Cuz dont die in Iraq over oil everyday..


Bound by bitch ass niggas that leave my queens torn…

Lookin at bitch ass niggas that don’t even know tha half of scorn..

Listening to bitch ass niggas that tell me to stay in the allure…

They Shallow as the kiddy pool..

I’m deeper than her saying..




Or the connection between you and the universe as some would call luck..

He said he takes care of babies & fools..

But fool, I’ma King so I have to follow my chakras rules…

When will the time come for my voice to be heard…

For my message to be slurred..

Shit I’m still tryna get up off this curb..

Pressures of nothing, worth as much as a 4 birds..

Lookin 4 GOD’s eyes in the sky…

Still studying the word..

Law is ready to ride..

Warrant on my spine, & them pigs still tryna catch a nigga backslide…

But It ain’t shit tho u know at 21..

It’s either legal or illegal, so I’m stuck tryna pick a side…

Or pick a hoe.. 

Down to ride for whatever

Long as capitol is the last endeavor..

Smoking to ease the weather or not I could touch forever..

Looking at my nephew like I hope u do better..

Praying that GOD give him better..

Consequences of tha choices taken just to have it together..

Bound by my conscious cause the materialistic never mattered..

Remember my Niigga..

Eve swaddled up so quick after..

So I’m at my pastor..

Like Where’s my forbidden fruit??

I rolled it up to get me through… cause nigga I refuse..

To be slaved by these money hungry masters..

He said He had to smoke it for his glaucoma..

On truth..

told em i understood cause shiiit… im always stressing too..

Took his time…

Hit it twice & passed it to you..

Now what would you do??

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