Humility (9-25-15) 

Journal Entry. 

Im tired af ready to go home
..hustlin like a muthafugga to be able to just get what we need.. 

Im in love but… Its not easy at all.. 

I have to be more conscious that i am in a relationship and im not in the hood alone…

Her presence shouldn’t be taken advantage of…




Comfort and peace dwell within me at all times please?  

The devil be lookin right with ease..?

God fucks up sometimes too…

The flaws are what make her perfect… 

Today was a beautiful day.. 

Hard work will pay off..

It always does..

I hope to get home and smile at my sunshine… 

Blind me baby..  

I love her more than anything in this world…

The world blushing has nothing on her beautiful gap toothed smile… Every woman in this world could want me but… There is something about the orange moon that captivates the depths of my totality… Building royalty with her is a gift from the cosmos..

…i don’t wanna lose anything I’ve worked this hard for… Starting to understand the complexities of life.. Yet i still remain the same… Human. 
Can’t go home yet.. Back to work i go..

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