sacrificing myself for love has been the most challenging thing ever..
fighting a war against my ego…
finding the soul’s recognition when it wants to be reconciled and recognized..
bring on the peace and positivity..
love is the universe…
through pain and understanding..
through lust and the demanding…
through it all as if all wasn’t the size of this o.. you feel me?
Fit for who?
I chose myself… or did love choose me?
Or did we choose we to be honest with you to understand what we want to see..
illusions created through spirit and imagery …
prosperity and an abundance of energy..
love is a beautiful thing..
most beautiful things are crazy..
deranged and bound to never have defined the destiny of itself…
love is wealth…
blood shed and war to pull the resources out and create what it can truly manifest…
love is a kind soul that will kill you if you test..
I’m trying to answer my questions correctly but the lesson is always next…

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