969 B.E.

​Been thinking of the greatest route to talk to god.. I see him in myself… I think that nigga might be my pops… so hear my story on how it all started off.. 


… bound to annihilate the next Level of devil’s … I fly through em like southwest and Olympic medals.. 

next .. next.. 

Micheal Phelps as a black rebel.. in too deep…

  immediately… I’m ll cool j as god…..

 smoking on China in Cleveland, Gucci belt, Givenchy sweater, Armani on… 

dealing with keys like only flats… winging it… flying to the above…

…. below from the abyss fell in love with a gypsy bitch….magic and love… gave her the plug… now she connected and pregnant with consideration for the beauty that will come… 

Lower self: 

now I’m born.. as the son of God… still the sun of man… on fire with plenty problems and I never give a damn……  

still tryna find the reason for my own chance.. moms gone so the baby ain’t know how to advance…seeking all the answers just to stay above…. thinking she just created earth to find the flaw.. break the laws of physics and mathematics…the gods told me she was always erratic…creative to say the least but still full of magic.. 

Higher Self: 

concentration on the view of the day, sun came up and asked moms … can I go outside and play… as I travel to see the planets that revolve around me… I see the space is what separates me from the damaged… they living in the future of the vanity…im living in the mind of the ones who can handle me… cause they love the Jordans and I just love setting them free…

… bullets rang out and shot one of my planets.. I miss my nigga not being around.. we always clowned… now we wear techs to provide and stay around.. still grounded floating In the circumstances… bound for advancement.. of the universe, born in this shit it wasnt planning….just love at one time from my mom’s and daddy… my life as the sun of man shining on the shadows, still can’t penetrate em… I was to made to creation as a apart of creating… so I’m really just a blessing to the matrix…so let’s get these blessings and make it.. 

Create it.. like this world I just made in your mind.. your welcome.. I know you’ll thank me.   


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