Today was the best day ever it didn’t have a lot of life added to it but I felt peace in just allowing myself to breathe and be happy… I’ve been dwelling on the consequences of success and the process that it takes to achieve the purpose of my soul and the desires of my heart. Through it all I know it’s coming towards me, the hustle for it is crazy. The dynamics of what I am trying to do is beyond me and at times it can become strenuous but I accept it as I grow towards my higher self… I love how life is coming along. I love how my love is flourishing into something amazing that I’ve never seen in my life before. I am blessed right now and I don’t see myself coming down at all. As much as I contemplate existence and the ways to fix the problem of reality. I love the illusion right now and I’m just grateful.. I hope that this helped you today. 



Love, J. Carter

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