Thieves of Schools. By J. Carter. 



The class is life and the matter is the truth.. 

what’s the matter with you? 

What’s the question that can move the planet to planting proof the universe is you.. 




the gods and goddesses are waiting.. 

initially the initiation process was the first step to create the power of energy and peace 


.. teachers seek to teach.. 

with their own agenda or with divinity? 

watching that seed grow from the roots of gold.. 

past the soul of them.. 

exposed exposition of itself as a element that has a higher purpose as you grow.. 

Student asks, am I star? 


just a way to the mind, to challenge your own growth.. 

In class like teacher don’t teach me to be a nigga.. 

Modern Principles like teacher don’t teach em to be bigger.. 

teacher ego like please don’t live on the bottom of the totem either.. 

Teacher teacher who taught you to be a teacher? 

We all studying as students in the mystery school EARTH!! 

We study alchemy and love to birth.. 

but where is love on this turf? 

fake shit on the other side.. 

what’s that worth cause they get rich and we get hurt, and stuck in pride… 

originally the chosen before those teachers chose to blind.. 

The one Teacher don’t teach me to be more than what I’m worth.. 

teacher teacher.. 

where can I go for more lessons on love and growth? 

Student: Within yourself.. now this is your homework… 
live & love and never give up.. faith is the only super power on this planet.. now go work.. 

final exams will be next week.. 

(bell rings)

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