Escape by J. Carter 

the good days for the evil.. 

They’re seeking shelter in the souls of those powerful enough to create a answer for the people.. 

will the people succumb to the sequel of original mythology… falsifying to create the  universe according to reality!? 

Who in the earth?? 

Can tell me what they worth, without equating to gold ropes..

Hanging on to mental slavery for hope.. 

but that’s just like fiends to dope.. 

Everybody need a fix in this bitch.. 

ain’t nobody healing, in the mirror we fear us. 

My own religion ain’t my reflection it’s just a reference.. with no source … cause I am the divine energy from it to voice the truth that leaves proof that the divine source is you.. 

Speaking of choices chosen that kept up with being frozen in the power… still living life with none.. by the hour.. 
according to who? 

It’s your destiny if you choose.. 

Like you? 

Yes me.. 

With the telepathy to never play television or telephone.. 

cause everybody gotta a opinion of their truth should be added on .. 

Like nowadays blessed is my skin tone..  

and it always has been, but they treat us like has beens, that never has a benz or benefits ..

Paying for evidence in the comfort of my slavery.. 

I need a truth just to be free..

inside of me my intentions are to be me..

A black king god that stay ready for everything 

Contravention addiction, prednisone was the money flippin 2 see.. 

something beyond the nigga mentality 

indoctrination cause the doctors even agreed to hate me… 

prescription to keep us learning to be a leach.. 

Said fuck that… 

seeing the light of day.. 

as me as the sun rays.. 

outside the image of the fool that would be willin to lose love and more.. 

From everything to get the universe for the alleged allure.. 

Alluding his mind cause they told you never think boy.. 

They so dismissive cause they’re lazy.. 

they just wanna be babies.. 

so here it is.. 

you are god my black brother and sister.. 

Everything around you is a relationship between your mind and lies they express to y’all to get ya.. 

so stay slaves… 

Or create the ocean.. build the wave to set yourself up tomorrow 2… 


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