Drug Dealer’s Intuition by J.Carter 

Time: September 4th, 1985

Do I keep on to be blessed? 

Or look over regrets? 

Gotta learn to love em and live wit em to reach the next step

I presently look @ my flesh and yell next

Seeing nightmares of the consequences that my thoughts have set.. 

But yet.. I’m woke.. 

daydreaming and manifesting hope 

Cause something gotta change bro.. 

still hustlin for more in this matrix cause fuck being broke.. 

I’ve dealt with enough of that with just my ego 

this alarm sounds Awakening me for some reason I can’t seem to know..

I press the snooze on my divine purpose everytime 

I told god I’d be back in a second.. 

damn it’s so hard not to be reckless.. 

Trustin my compass and compassion… 

for that herringbone necklace 

to know where to go

Hustlin has been the only way to forget to my sorrows tho.. 

Serving fiends to get green and gold for the soul.. 

Moma said be thankful for today cause you aint promised tomorrow

Even tho we barely had a place to call home that I know.. 

And we grew up off havin to borrow..

From food to soap..

She never had a negative mind to see where to go.. 

so I am guided in my DNA 

I was never lost.. 

I am the blessing from above

Bearing my own cross

Mama earth loves me everyday 

So Im tryna show her somethin She never seen before

Even though sometimes my first resort is giving up

I know this wasn’t how it was planned for us

I keep faith and look to strengthen where I need to stay strong

these problems of life are not the permanent so i’ma push on

Homie said he’ll front a ki to open doors… 

should I push on?

I don’t see anything else so it must be a blessing & I’m gone…

Another statistic caught up in the scorn..

But I will make it…. I can’t fall… 
DOPEBOY / intuition 


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