Truth. 1-24-17 

Title: Insomnia ….

broke nightmares are a reality..
I got million dollar dreams..
But will I see em??
Will I see freedom?
Will I stay a slave to carpe diem..
Considering everything that is right..
but I’m still wrong cause I ain’t gotta chance to fight.. no chances like..
no gospel rappin that sound alright..
I’m in hell.. bound.. with angels like hey nigga get the key now..
shackled and left to be found..
lost crowns yet the chakra crowned..
hoping my intention hear my cry out loud
Cause everything ain’t always alright..
I been great..
I been nice..
I been considering doin it in spite..
cause my soul is gold..
My ego stay on fire..
can’t get why I’m not flyer..
higher than the announcements for a 2nd grader looking right up..
at his aspirations fading .. cause even pops, unkle and moma ain’t know how to make it.. unless it’s was flipping birds or Robbin faithfully..
I guess I’ll get this pistol and this mask..
finish what I know from class..
school of hard niggas we passed..
Was tryna pass myself..
For goals
But dreaming nowadays..
ain’t good for my soul..


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