Me & Eve took a trip… Into the garden to vent..

Staring @ tha Tree of life..

Entity asked to just try a lil bit..

It’ll give ya Knowledge, why don’t ya learn a lil..

Rolled up to understand the real..

Double cupped a 5th of Henn..

Looked into her eyes as if…

she was ready to change tha void that did preexist..

Looked in mine and took a hit..

Looked into me and said shit..

Never heard that before so I took a sip..

Looked up & seen the stars and knew tha shit..

Alignment of the planets that was just named after the 5th..

Lost yet knowledgable enough to know nothin still…

Desired to be ashamed cuz I figured this can’t be it..

Hey Eve switch..

Took a hit..

She complained and swaddled herself too quick.

Where tha fugg u goin??

Where is this language from??

Why am I not numb??

Why is so cold all of a sudden??

The desire to conspire fire, came in rushin..

Eve back, eyes red and suddenly she drunk.. &

Comin down the hill..

Snakes in grass she stepped on em wit her heel..

Green eyes..

Lustful thighs..

Contradicted the mind..

She ain’t never been this fine..

Smacked dat ass one time..

Swear if I’m able it’s gone go down right now…

Me and my bitch took a lil trip..

Down to the garden..

Took a lil dip..

Apple juice fallin from her lip..

Ain’t been tha same since..


Entice by the reaction of her ass clappin..

Ain’t give a fugg..

Beatin it up like the wrong reaction..

She said she never felt this happen..

Deep her in her pussy..

Chest level action..

Lust in my eyes as I’m focused..

Can’t stop its magic..

Cuz we floatin..

Above the moment..

Living with this notion of guilt after she released her ocean..

King of all that I survey..

Had one rule and I made a mistake..

My conscious couldn’t shake..

Had to live with this decision regardless..

Couldn’t hide the fate..

He asked what happen, I looked em in his eyes & said I ate..

Me and my descions took a lil trip..

Down to the garden..

Took a lil dip..

And now you reap tha shit..


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