wp-1471531501712.jpgThe hardest thing about being a creative that shares its soul with everyone, is the fact that your soul could be unappreciated. It could be dismissed because it’s not what is in the format of low vibrational frequency that everything is drenched in to maintain a certain perspective of the universe and the art in which you dwell in. Understanding strength in that situation is most needed, cause being unappreciated could kill you. Being unappreciated by the ones you love, could suck the life out of you if you’re not strong enough to just love the art for yourself because it is you. But on the other hand,think about every artist, poet, musician that never got a chance to be appreciated for what they were trying to really do. They eventually just succumbed to the system or they just stop. I don’t want that for myself, I know on some planet somewhere they’ll appreciate what I have to offer, regardless. I don’t understand humans, maybe it’s not meant for me to. I don’t want to understand humans, I just want to create art and be appreciated for my time on this planet. Why is love so hard? How can you say you love me and you’re my family or friend and you don’t support the one thing that you know matters most to me? My ART.. that’s the most selfish and inconsiderate shit I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s so comfortable to love what never loves you. Everybody loves loving what never loves you.. I guess that’s why I still love y’all…
Peace and Love.
Support those that try.. seriously.. it helps.

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