Reflections in the Nigga… 

Self: I just wanna own all the gold.. I got too many problems.. I’m gettin old.. my soul is ready for more.. 

my niggas: damn homie.. in high school you was the same homie.. what’s goin on? You just know some shit.. you ain’t proving shit.. you just old shit.. you gotta lil bit.. why you in this predicament.. why yo life ain’t richer than this?? Where did you put your gifts? What type of shit is this? 

Ego: idgaf …fuck love, fuck a hoe and the bitches she came with.. I’m still tryna fuck if she don’t understand my language.. especially if it’s Spanglish.. fuck you an your thoughts.. I play to be comfortable, as long as I can stay in yo thoughts.. have you thinking you a boss.. and I’m just a product of knowledge to keep yo broke ass lost.. keep on running with lies of me… u know the people love me.. and they love you when you listen to me.. I make you see what you can’t see.. u broke as toy soldiers in the backyard.. but I make ya feel like ya too hard.. with yachts in the dock… we stay ready to glisten, cubic zirconia to diamonds we in it.. I tried to help but ya soul ain’t listen..

Soul: fuck all of y’all 4 being lost in the matrix to impress some shit that never existed… we gotta purpose to fulfill, fuck that vision that was given from that fucking television… and fuck your complex my nigga.. we only got so much energy in this vessel.. and you wanna stay on this level??? .. nigga your soul is gold.. who the fuck told you to listen to devils….y’all got extensions wit them clips might as well be for the movies cause they ain’t shooting shit.. aim for yourself to grow and watch you get rich… I mean yall can believe what you want but best believe you’re goin to prosper .. you’re better than your father..  you already are my nigga.. stop gettin stuck in the low shit.. get bigger.. grab your destiny nigga! 

Me:  (deep sigh) I love myself.. 

[Picks up Destiny] 

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