NAS Illusions… 

Plateau of fallen glass…

Crashed and washed blood flow from my melanin..

Just to accomplish another sin again.. 

Rollin up to roll over the Roads of cracked history…

My Clouds of Memories of my Black & White Television 

Never giving me anything that was necessary for living.. 

Nothin was ever on except the niggas with visions..

Outside my window on the street corner pitchin, like Randy Johnson precision.. 

Studying niggas with more frank white missions..

I had too…

Pay attention like the shit had to be cooked in tha kitchen..

Rocked and sold with intentions to make a million

Just to say I thank god as I’m in the position .

Take care of moms With triple double figures..

Ballin like Michael practice wit us.. 

Malcolm in my mind.. by any means.. explaining my vision ….

Snow showers was the future telecast

Building snowmen and sellin em too fast.. 

Premeditated manifesting…

catching this flake and showin the mass that was bestowed to forever last..

History was his last concern that masked..

Blurred faces of those that wanted to see them burn

But we flipped it subconsciously and made it work to earn..

Ashes burned amongst the tips of fingers that yearned

For The Allure…

Addictive to the core…

Like we the addicts we selling to, to get more..

To wanna grasp it all and never come down from the high above.. 

list of expenses I adore.. 

Began equally The lust, the true temptation to never ever be poor..

The Presence of my throne is the key that open these doors…

will I digress, eventually for sure …

But I digress to see tomorrow..

Cause the cops is at my door!! 
Ayo flush that shit!!!! 

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