Open up your mind .. It’s the only gift..
& It’s been time too.
Like multiply it by two..
Too much is going on in this world..
Not enough to leave it alone.. Addicted to everything… yet we won’t relapse increasing the love..

Got more to own.. “Real” estate.. Fake mufuggas debate who own the land.. With nothin inside thier cerebral or hands..
Jesus got the wood grain steering wheel with some Dayton’s on a church van.. 
Just to entice the masses.. 
like James brown saying it’s a Cole world… 

Never froze like growin up in 8 mile… 

Moving work… 

But these niggas never got enough to move mountains..

So I’m ready for the push notifications to push volcanic eruptions of prosperity and money counting…. 

Selected to be the greatest.. selection in this episode or era.. greatness.. Kemetic soul..
Soul in me wishes the Best wishes to the vision in my mirror..
Cause that’s the Only competition..

Ego driven.. Jesus took a break.. No timeouts left.. They might just forfeit..
Completely viscerated a division..
Of 76ers and fuck niggas yelling fuck niggas at them niggas that chose not to kill y’all.. Mercy and grace in America’s face..
Straight from the gutta like its Compton..
Steady Mobbing..
Kicking and lynching problems.. Hanging with Ice cubes .. Just smokey.. Bad beautiful queens rollin up in distinction.. Praying for the extinction of low vibrational frequency ..

Tupac at the agency and their agenda … Froze the games decision.. bloods and crips mix to create royalty in the DNA of niggas…  

writing like TOOKIE in Solitary with a choice and a vision.. 


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