Met her on accident..

But they say everything is intentional

planned to give her love

With no motive at the interview..

But is my plans the same plans of his above??

Is this the reason I walked into her… that day after I seen that dove..

Was it a sign for love??

Or contradiction of the mission I’ve put on?


I mean…

Don’t mind these questions of my mental..

I tend to test myself sometimes just to sharpen cerebral..


Not that I care about another niggas plans…

But they say I was made in his image..

so excuse my thoughts in advance..


Answer this Question for me my friend..

If I treat her as Nefertiti, will she understand my power??

Will she understand that through these sounds I’m trying to reach the higher??

I’m Tryna push legal ki’s with knowledge influenced by Americas sour??

Motivating my brothers to get it more than by the Hour..

Fugg up tha corrupt mufuggas on top of the highest towers..

Yell Out Black Power..

& Mean that shit like Huey’s Letter..

Have her equipped in mind as a AK & a extra loaded beretta..

But this is alot to ask from south side chick, thick, sundress natural with one dimple..

Hood chick that wanted a college education and never really accomplished it..

She found out the process wasn’t simple..

So she met a nigga that was addicted to being a statistic..

And planted a seed that would blossom into a King or a Convict..


It’s Intellectual orgasms every time I’m into Her presence…

Its a present so I kissed her 3rd Eye..

And I said I can’t wait to captivate your inner..

Take you to heights that without God u couldn’t get into..

She smiled and inhaled..

Said I was what she looked for into..


But can she handle the pressure of being With a King???

Know what I mean?

Just questions for my Queen..

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