The man that knows something knows he knows nothing at all..

Tryna ball like I’m at the forum..

It’s show time I’m Kareem & I had to show em..

Shooting for stars a sniper in boredom..

Show em more six four impala rollin.. Blow the shotty after the lick or hold it,? 

Count up all that loot before it.

Invest smartly & never show it..

Still studying it was written..

tryna write my own existence..

Seen the king slip, never nigga..

High up upon the throne wit a double cupped chalice..

Visions of The Lord Willin still listening to malice..

Sellin as the wise man once challenged..

In my lifetime on..

Tryna learn how to touch the masses..

Confessions to the universe..

Never past her..

Never be a pastor

Ima profit from my prophecy..

My own master..

Drake 21st century

They’ll just thank me after..

Bad boy Bad Boy I’m tryna shyne..


I’m Hustlin like before he was a pastor..

Before he was a rapper..

Nigga I see the future, could it be better??

Or wait like Notorious for a life after..

Is this the Era of progression??

Or do u still have master??

Or Era of Lesson??

Or are u still stuck wit no answers??

Billions and these Chevies is the only thing I’m after…

Spittin game on these bitches they say ima blessing..

Still got favor like Gotti but a nigga hold a Wesson..

Leader of this new shit..

Blueprint on, Im Pelham’s succession..

Prosperity given..

Peace is how we living..

300 Million for da mind ain’t that big of a problem…

I want it all..

But no greed involved..

I know that’s sinning dogg..

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