Time is sober but we seem to be higher then the effect of this Kush in degrees…

Vicky decided to unveil her secrets to me..

Never questioned how I’m worthy enough..

We Just accepted the moment as Victoria inhibitions leave …

The good and the bad of the moment plays a song of do’s and don’ts but we both agree…

That at this moment of Passion, there is a Mystic presence that only Marley can hear or see..

Times slows as If its made of codeine,

Ice in my Muddy water we sip, as she soaks slowly…

The reality of the moment falters and fantasy take over reality..

Control lost control..

I control her, she is the controller of me..

Never been this out of hand, as I palm dat ass & squeeze…

Kissing her favorite spot letting her know this is mine..

Only 4 me..

this lust that I am now engulfing

intense as the aftershock of 5 collisions..

The conjure of the moment told us proceed in confidence & don’t fight this feeling

The eyes of My queen Said Im King To the very presence of her core..

Opening the doors of bliss..

Spreading them as I kiss..

Lick, & speak a language into her as as I lift her ankles to have her relinquish more & more..

Releasing the shackles of her stress, pain, & pleasures..

My goal is to manifest the most orgasmic situation that she can think of..

Caressing the walls of her treasure deeply..

Teasing her clit with my “Thick Mind”

I place her Under arrest, as that ass is raised symmetrically

No consequence as I consecutively pulsate the precise spot to make her weaken..

Her eyes flick,

Bite of the lip,

Heavy breathing

Swaying of hips..

As i digg deep into that shit..

Listening to ones own mind but I recall of her doing the same..

performing her commands before she could even speak mang…

Shaking as she says shes on thee way around the corna…

I’m about to cum!!!

yelled repeatedly in progression of volume..

Focusing on the goal, I place my spirit into hers, intertwined into her carnal desires…

Grip her hips as she looks back to witness..

Testifying Oh My’s To GOD and Don’t Stop’s as I listen..

deep into the entirety of her room as we move and rock in fire…

A unison of Eruptions of Volcanic proportions…

As We release in Spontaneous Combustion…

In unison time..

I notice the change in language…

The change From Her Satisfaction to the sounds of an Alarm Distortion..

That’ll soon welcome me into Reality…

Good Mornin…


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