What is Yo vision bout..
Livin life onn this road say my nigga.. what’s Yo route..
Hope u get it all just like y’a see it..
Be it..
Free it..
Yo mind I mean..
U know what to do so do that shit  wise gangster lean.
Blunted dipped in lean..
I forced the throne to be mine..
Look at all this gold I found…
Them niggas hate me cause they ain’t me..
And they just wanna be down..
Never fuck wit a clown.,
Never hustle backwards… keep it pushing pounds..
And even if they could they wouldn’t…
Shouldn’t have..
Choosing life and abundance over hoes and bitch niggas hitting my line..
Living this life with a god that’s right on time..
Money almost straight its close to 3:45..
Got tired of the same shit.. So as I wipe..
I plan to wash my hands and cleanse my soul now.. .
Open up the world of greatness like black and milds..
Stay ready.. Keep on aiming for the sun..
Nigga I’m makavelli..
Riding heavy chevy..
Too serious.. Gone..
Can’t catch me..
If u can’t kill me…regardless you gone respect me..
Better get yourself together baby..
Ain’t nobody waiting on ya..
They just take it from Ya..
Shooting gunning running..
Kobe Steph Harden..
Margin of error..

Life is never simple so I wrote Something that was 4 eazy..

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