Married 2 Money.

Conscious effort to push endeavors past the point of understanding..
Planet earth outstanding..
Standing in the creation of other planets..
taking gravity and using it for time enhancement..
using polarities to grasp the concept of canvas..
painting to win..
I plan 2 2pac again..
live a life a sin ..
Flip my money from nahh to more to bend..
Like the corners in that 6 series..
Pitching for the cubs..
mansion full of porridge..
store it..
Babies first words was what y’all countin?
It’s more of it?
Teach her to fly, Vick as Falcons..
familia business has a blessed outcome..
stash it all and flip the knowledge..
bury it in the middle like Malcolm
By any means necessary for it..
score it.
The allure of it..
is get rich or fuck yo bitch..
still show love to respect the pic…
images painted to be the realist…
depiction of reality..
Art imitatin life.. and in actuality..
Life’s a bitch that count casualties..
never loved herself to see she light on the highest of balconies..
Kobe system so casually..
60 in the last game..
wanted americas most..
shit ain’t been the same..

⁃ Married to $$$$$ –


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