hov 1992

Nothing is the place where it’s familiar

I been to the bottom & it’s always a killer…

Lookin you dead in yo eyes and sayin it’s only us nigga..

Took that same phrase and made it into figures.. 

painting pictures of creation facing scripture.. 

reciting and Recieving from the mixture.. 


Visions of my niggas..

Kobe system, Sosa Vision, Franklin mission

To live on top

& not take time for granted like Detroit did with Hill nigga…

Comin down, gravity in Texas position…

Its Familiar to live and know you not livin…

But still I’m Motivated to buy the city, ride around.. 

sippin from the chalice of malice .. trippin.. 

Pick up my uncle

park at the corna store and leave it rumblin..

And know it’ll stay there runnin..

84 coupe relays.. 

84 = 12 = 3.. divine loops for allowing destiny to be… anyway.. 

grand national only on sundays…

Pay my tithes to my grandmother

Cuz I don’t trust them others…

Smoke & plot to help my brothers..

Make sure my nephews believe in something..

Laugh & talk with the homies as we love money

Parked outside the lawyers office to pay off felonies.. 

Expunged deposit for the soul I paid it all to help the soul escaping see 

All green no red by far.. But he cried in the car..

Appreciated the appreciation.. 

I was just relating to flaws…

Opportunities opened to himself cuz he asked for it Dogg..

No more days we gotta look to rob..

No more black mask unless its on the birth certificate Dogg…

We can live vicariously now..

As I smoke too loud…

Tell my nephew fuck America and love the universe now.. 

Interior the smoothest cocoa butter on Meagan good’s smile.. 

Black ice stacked in the mind too…

Good die mostly over bullshit … so I’m never to humble to walk without a full clip..

Ready to let it off at any instance.. 

Unk Said Im too cool..

I told em… I’m just you.. 

With these Packages from the Old school…

playoffs 12’s mentality

Casually mingling with them bitches that love themselves so they be.. 


The real ain’t hard to find they just ain’t fuggin with them act like me’s..

laughing at these stories that they tell me..

Bout these….

That’s not fully dedicated to this life I’ve seen…

And We been O’Deed.. 

from the seed I grew the tree.. 

of life and love and liberty.. 

still I rise as I fail to have my blood leak from them leaves.. 

literally through literature seen.. 

the scene is only reflecting light necessary for the the being.. 

So tell me What you see when the good cost billions and d’evils free? 

1992 Hov.

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