Beautiful as god lights turned on.. 

& He just got em in his name..  

Watching the rain.. 

she said she was on the way..  

Visualized bout her the whole day.. 

Took a ride to see If real was as real as she say.. 
Now she was made from the pyramids of Giza..  Mixed with a Lil bit of westside to keep her ether…  A creature of another time continuum seductive as ever when I finally seen her.. 

Ready for anything..  

Had me spellbound… 

amnesia to everything 

Bound by nothing.. 

This woman is something.. 
Eyes can captivate the universe.. 

Thighs as thick as the mind she carries.. 

Nothing is like her.. A taste of berry on her lips..  Hallelujah Amen..  I seen the time stop in advance.. Sprung in trance..  

Prototype and krypotonite in my hands.. 
So I Put her first above the rest..  

Proud to prioritize from the soul.. 

Cause she connects beyond the flesh.. 

Sometimes I can’t even fathom how  I managed to be her throne..  
Yoni’s crest risen upon my mouth.. 

Such a delightful taste..  

Heaven and honey..  

Love and respect.. 

Hustle and money…  

We go together like..  

Like or as..  

She love me.. 

I love her more than..  

Less than nothing..  

She is everything to a nigga.. 

She is wedding rings and future bending.. 

Truth ascending.. 

No lies..  

No religion.. 

She is as pure as ever..  

And if I couldn’t see.. 

I would still see her forever.. 

My diamond on diamonds.. 

Soul of gold..  

Existence of this goddess is my baby.. 

my nigga… 

And my soul.. 



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