Dreams last…

To past..

The definition of time.. 

Money claim to be all around the eyes..

But I never see the genuinely divine with her in sight..

Just alot of fake shit deemed as real..

But we still, push on to push to kill..

To make amends and dreams more than lucid..

Counteracting the consequences of people that lose it…

Their soul that is… 

Stuck in the traffic jam tryna advance for meals…

While other walk in their own lane flying past the plain…

Gold roads built from pain cause the only sin that amends to us is change…

That’s all we desire from our dreams anyway..

A chance to change and escape..

Slaving for a break..

Dreams wisdom told me to stay awake…

The cousin of sleep has always been death and just lay..

Born into desperatation to make a system of freedom and pay.. 


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