In the worst position

Not knowing when the next meal will be given…

But all u can do is listen to the wisdom..

Yellin to the ceiling..

Cuz I sware he ain’t gettin this

As if gods letter that ya sending..

Got some fugg nigga at the post office tearin ya shit in..

Tryna humble ya self

Yet The attitudes given…

Could ignite the living to pop that nigga for no reason..

Just some thoughts that disappear into existence

Not to mention….

you been tryna write like Hov

So this Double Entandre Is the Double life u chose..

brothas lookin at you for guidance cause they don’t know..

Never will I be the type to get froze..

Cold as I was standing in that snow…

Shit please…

U got me bent was the slang so I’m like iversons knees…

Dreams of being Hip Hops Iversons Sleeve…

I breathe the souls of the ones that need

The ones that can’t leave

Momas that look at section 8 as way to relieve…

The tension of the days they grieve

Cuz the block cold AF and they put you on leave…

Consider it a blessing Moma I’m Workin for the seeds…

Sewed at the christening

Lord just forgive me..

Stuck with this being the only talent that will reap..

Tired of seeing my niggas bleed..

So I Dream..

Tired of seeing my niggas bleed..

So I Dream..


Unk Said get ya pesos

Never love Deez hoes

Respect the game tho

Play ya lane like ya bowl..

Keep ya Kush & Roll..

Handed me a Oz & said stay low..

Got on my grind and stayed solo..

Lay low playing as we roll..

Caught frost bite on tha low…

Lookin at all this snow..

11 years old..

Time got cold..

Seen the innocence from my eyes die and mold.

cuz I ain’t forget how the blood flowed…

Playin can’t ban the snowman..

Tryna stay away from the blow..

U know..

Crips in the family tree so I’m blessed to live at shows..

Blessed to see past the summer of 94..

Cuz they came in on some…. .

Pop pop pop pop pop…

Now Homies on the floor..


11 years old Unk sat me down and said look Nephew..

U know..


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