OE and a mission.

Tryna Change the position

Been about this Vision

With Cortez’s & my niggas.

Stay focused & staying Lifted.

Collecting my Guap, as they tell me I’ll never get it.

But I’m Counting this money and my hands still itching.

They bound 2 hate.

But it comes with this fate.

Late nights..

Bullshit waits..

Always good..

Never smokin good.. 

Always smokin great.

Wait never.

Never late.

Striving to be Hall of fame.

Bound to accomplish all these Missions

OG on the porch Lifting

Round table of kings, process ran with Precision

Love them hoes never,

Love these bitches at a Distance.

Pops like damn you gettin what you said lil nigga..

throwing cash to the big homie like I learned the game from you… 

Pop aint raise no fool..

Ciccin cacc drinkin cool-aid 

Soon to see me makin moves.. 

Soakin game like i used too..



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