1990 thoughts.. 

The faith to make it right this time.

Tangled by the ups and downs of karma and family.

Yes or no..

Love or Life..

Bitch or Wife

Fake or Friend

Right or Sin

Money is the answer to all this shiit..

Dive in..
Deeper than the intention they set you in..
Tryna find the right recipe for freedom..
All we got so far is..
Weed & Gin

Just to get right before I attack the world again.

& I still need a cigarello damn..

Placed in a stereotype where I will be told and taught..

Sold and auctioned off..

to the highest bidder that’ll benefit from me being lost..

corporate slave…. Punished as a punishment…
Shackled for astonishment..
Laid off..
Paid off..
Be a nigga and stay lost..
cuz they killed my heroes..

Let us think the tears were never torn…
Shred history and never felt a ounce of scorn.
I hope you see it
The clarity is as clear as its shown…

A black woman told me she couldn’t trust niggas!

& I asked how you figure?

She said they ain’t shit, So why even pay attention….

I paused.

I stood in disbelief.. That a plague had hit my niggas.. Now we all cease.. To exist to make the minds open and see the bigger picture.. As corrupt as her frame of mind was…
it was beautiful..
Picasso creates a nubian..

I asked for a number as I intended too..
She said…

“hell nahh….

you a nigga fool”…

U only here to waste time…

I got seconds worth more than you

As beautiful as the one right next to you that may change the route..

That may encourage you from your own doubts. You’ll feel the insecurity to just be hospitable or just genuinely ask her out..

but that Can’t be done, cuz they say these women hoes now..

& U might not really be financially right for a hoe..

So I’m Hustling and praying for a route.. To grow..

that would veer from the eventual demise that is short lived….
Cause just being another nigga
..man that ain’t shit…

Everyday is another blessing blinded by the worth of my previous…

Tellin GOD I’m sorry cause I appeal to bullshit.. Itchin ears outt weigh the truth cause they pay to hear nonsense..

Prophet from the past, got lost and became a profit real quit… as I sell myself in this life I have to love to live .

Fast money incorporated, flying in a Porsche, dreams of my niggas gettin together to fight with a force… But..
I spend majority of time, trying to right wrongs and be justifiable as I purchase the world.

The perception I push is the illusion that fathers the clone in me.

Repetitive nature, repetitive cycle, I’m a OG.. & my pops told me get yo money or look up to 6ft… ….leadership nowadays is so deep..

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