New surroundings, Past trial…

Appeal the judgement, I swear I’ve never lied..

Captured freedom in the way OJ ran miles..

Another chance, Means another ride..

& I just wanna make sure it last a while

Just try to stay low & mild…

For the moment to last longer than

most lives..

But u know how it goes in the crowd of foul..

Had a target on my back I was Jordan 4 a while..

Double crossed as if I’m on the floor now..

Started from the bottom

Fell in love with the fragrance of now..

Kissed her up & down…

Became the prince of a city unknown to Holy crowns..

King of all that I survey, took one & doubled the weight..

Scale balanced well..

Well that’s what the scope say..

Speaking of peace with wars of yesterday..

Speaking of Malcolm speeches inebriated along the way…

Ohh how it’s still relevant, The courage of black rage..

The position in life that could make u say..

Fugg tha police..

Or Fugg the other side…

As if I changed positions with them bitch niggas that try..

Or Them niggas that just die..

The ones that never try..

To flourish from the concrete and Never accept Denies..

Never Accept Demise…

Never say never & rise..

But they never…

They just repeat the same process in a statistical eye..

Proposed to the streets before she waste yo time..

Made a pyramid of memories filled with stipulations & grind..

Hustle backwards with the exception of forward time..

Morally & Physically still slaves after all this time..

But nigga who am I??

Who am I??


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