Posted on da corna of wrong and money..

I visit them more than the ones that stay on right and lonely..

Homies with me…

Like you got that shit?

They celebrating they life with it..

cope Only..

With the demons thats attached on me..

Moved solo..

Closest niggas started lookin at me funny.

never was a choice to tha hungry

Feeding my family.

And they aiming at my way of sanity.

But if i go broke I don’t give a fuck bout you or yo enemies. Ya feel me?

I’m straight menacing.

Americas most malicious.

Sippin on this liquor speaking to the OG’s in broken English..

& all they tell me is just get it..

& all they tell me stay wise

& all they tell me is speak dat real

Like bible lies…

Cops on my niggas

But They won’t let us abolish tha system..

Been told homie to press reset, even tried to a unplug a nigga..

I guess they want us all to glitch..

Something we can’t fix..

But it’s still in, the All black fix ..

Basquiat intentions with visions to wake up and heal the sick…  

Hi.. Im him.. 

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