It could be a dream that I had about this beautiful yet ordinary creature

Set out to be a friend of mine Upon the others that meet her

Skin as the queens of my ancestors and the smile of my hope to be future…

The times of life never explain why I met or got a chance to speak with this woman…

Others may wonder and appear identical but their just not the same…

Faith that none of this is in vain,

I understand all that she asks and at times I want to heal her pain…

Take the responsibility of her and tell her worries are mine and it will never change

BUT Why??

I just met this woman and yet I have the friendship of ones that has been around for eternity…

Knowing that she is a beautiful as the sun to the eyes of a baby…

Astonishing to even the blind and even a little crazy…

I seem to care more about her inner soul than anything that any other man has ever seen..

I hope that as years pass that she hears this later and understands then what now I mean…

There Is Something…About…..



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