Pops known On the 6…

UNK lift from the porch to the grip.

Click clack, now gaining stripes to make it like a myth.

To make a crip rich..

Bound by materialistic riffs..

So I Soloed on my destiny, teaching my niggas the shit..

All desiring the legacy to be Legendary & it..

Walkin in subjection with a rag that yells hit.

Where you from?? consistently replayed so nigga don’t slip..

Hostile ways equipped..

familiar to the familia, might be yo cousin but grape and orange don’t mix.


Slamming doors on tha 6..

Bouncing & bending cornas with the lift..

Palms trees as high as the man paid.

Real Niggas hustling through the maze.

Real niggaa that stay to fade..

Real niggas don’t throw shade..

But when it’s that time u better be out or rep your shame.

Pressure is nothing..

Kush & 151, but still no proof of my ways..

Blasting PAC still Praying for better days..

It’s us against the world as the world reflects the same..

Product of America, Loyalty & this  Dope game.

& I just want it all, master of my own freedom saved..

Shackled by choices of, live to die & get paid..

studied our oppression and made amends to rewrite this game…

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