made in america…

Grew up in a situation familiar to the nation..

Heard around the world on The same station..

Malcolm’s thoughts about the nation..

Innocent Patients taken from the flagrant.. 

Shot an killed as a step towards furthering the matrix 

More Patients..

No patience..

This is world is Scary…

Various meetings with the disciplinary..

Just to kill all the fathers of Mary..

Rules for power and carry..

Made in america to marry

Ignorance that varies..

Made in America as a visionary..

Made in America as a obituary…

Non Violent type or Violent they will hunt you in Anger..

Stoned you in public as you would speak..

To the speakers who never spoke as the looked to Turn the other cheek..

Afraid of the Death of Revolution, Power never even seen restitution

Corrupted by the evolution

Shot killed as a solution

The manifold of Peace..

Even if u Civil as the Rights to get Karen to speak…

You know the culprit behind the scenes..

That put this man between the sheets..

As between the sheets hollered in the streets..

We would creep..

As rumors unveiled in the later letters of the speech..

That i was only human, just a human that believed..

Believed in more than what i seen..

As I ask can i have a dream..

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