Concerned about demons, as the others pay no mind to schemin..

Solitary inside but a change was destined..

New Jack in a city of maturity as a king is awakened..

Ali as I make it past the flagrant

Smokey perspective…

now seen the eye of a new allegiance, plain people walk in solitude, destined to be of greed.. Repetition of the same plays, as if life has no where to lead… Believing is just the evidence of proper faith..

Bound by beliefs that are treaded upon in war & in hate…

Don’t forget the MEDIA!!

Bound by bitch ass niggas that leave my queens torn…

When will the time come for my voice to be heard…

For my message to be spread…

Shit I’m still tryna get out my moms crib…

Pressures of nothing, weigh as much as expectations…

And everytime I say fugg em..

I just end up penetrating..

With a woman of no value to me but her answers I make her wait for..

Answers I make her wait for..

Answers to the questions of before..

Can’t even answer the questions of myself so who knows?

Haven’t seen 500 dollars since the last time we used out minds..

Law is after me..

It ain’t shit tho u know at 25…

It’s either live or die… so pick a side…

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