Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me
Get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y’all

It’s been twenty-two long hard years of still strugglin
Survival got me buggin, but I’m alive on arrival

    The wise words of a hip hop group from the Golden Age of rap told a story so real that some just let it go over there heads.
The love of Money is considered the root to all evil,  but it’s quite funny that money truly does run everything around us.  From control to desires,  money has an underestimated impression on the biggest things that influence us and our lifestyles everyday.

Welcome to adapt.

The money we fight for,  die for and do anything for was once nonexistent and was switched for the purpose of being able to trade and barter for services or items of equal value. The system that has been placed upon us has took humanity and made it into a new world of control. Money is the object that everyone chooses to fight for, leaving majority of our true values at bay for the guarantee of another paycheck. From the things we watch, to the things we eat, all have an a effect upon us in this matrix. Just to make sure we want, nothing but money. The love seems to find its way in their but in some cultures without money, love is something you’ll never see.

    Let’s think about this for a second.
The very condition of living is to have an existence that is suppose to be lived or to live in a existence in which u have created for you or your generations. It’s been going on for years. But in the midst of that sequence of life and light we have the factor of money.
Like a itch coming up outta nowhere and u can’t scratch, u wanna get it.
That is money in the timeline of this existence.
The very thing we have to have now to live.
not just something that is an accessory to live.

You feel me?
We gotta get this shit
Conditions of millions of humans are all controlled by the amount of money that the country they born is worth.

Everybody work for America, superstars, federal agents, television, rappers, singers, anybody you consistently see on tv, radio, internet, or news works for america. America pays every body to pay her.. And if u don’t believe me,  who do u pay in yo country?.

That in itself is enough to question the direction and future of a world that is ran by paper.

Even natural resources are being devalued for the purpose of cash. The very beautiful land that we inhabit is being stripped away for strip malls.  The food we have seen as natural is being modified for growth purposes so that they can be monetized and placed out into the world for our consumption regardless of effects.
The very things that influence you to maneuver and function have been subjected to a price.

Medication, Livelihood, Purpose, Spirituality, Love, And even hate has been effected by this idea of paper being worth something more than the photosynthesis it was made for. The very nature of this book being wrote is to alert those of the matrix in which they stand in and breathe in, but I would be a fool not get paid for it.  Everything and everyone is ran by money.
Why, that’s something we will find out later but in the mean time, I need you to look outside of yourself and find the you that wouldn’t be ran by money and try your best to adapt.

Story of Nick Anderson.


Nigga wassup cuz..

(Tupac blasting)

What you been nigga?

      my nigga..
What else?

I feel you..

            No lie, .

                     No lie..

But how u know?

somebody watching everybody, u should know that..

Aye cuz…

       Ima get up outta here I got some shit on the wayside.   to handle.

Stay safe homie.

              Bet, peace…

                              …I gotta get tha fuck up outta here..


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