Ended it with Amen..

Tore from the soul.. Tryna live above yellin for gods help in vain..

Blew out the indica as I vibe to 2pac’s pain..

Too much pain..

The strain of most… times 8 turned old yesterday..

So I guess that means I’m on finally great..

Grey showin as wisdom… its too early, i guess its never too late

To empower and power up my fate

But its been more bullshit as of late

And has kept a nigga studying Nate

Has kept a nigga in solitary as if I’m the only ace..

Couple cards short they might say…

Genius of the mind to whom mind can take..

The perception that perception is in its own fate..

So cancel it out to be innate..

Or end up as a convict wit no common sense ….or just be a freed inmate..

American dream mind-state???

They say hey!!

Straight and narrow??

Ecstatic No ways!!

Confucius of this generation as I write in a maze..

Morality is now Conformity of these bound slaves

No longer shackled

No longer faith

Just that grace…

that If I pray…

to GOD that my sins will surely wash away

As if its Sunday and the suicidal dirty today..

Speakers blast of ugk One Day..

As im Hustling into the dark to see the heavens gates and its sun rays..

Demon with a halo to forsake.. 

And To be the awareness of the sleep that wont wake..

studied the blueprint enough to say..

Fugg bitches, Leather only & Get paid…

Im spiraling to gain love and a way out this illusionary maze.. 


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