Reality with GOD. 

Verse 1..

Never really had much but just these same ways..

These same lanes…

Ego Swerving in em, playin One Day

Thinkin about that one day that I can amaze..

Like Frankie beverly…  

Tell these stories of black space age..

Passed down from generations of Pimps & slaves..

Passed Down like this Kush that keeps me sain..

Level headed

Never vain

Never fuggn up like these lames

Instead of accepting the mediocre hand-me-downs mang

I made myself a name

Better yet a corporation of made me..

So that I’ll never die cuz I’ve been prepared for it lately

Like Biggie.. Mann i Play Pac shit on the daily.. 

In that 7 series that gott these hoes waving

Making plays to win a ring like Riley in the 80’s creating..

But Stunting in my blood like JetLi and my moma laying…

So I can’t stop with this money and leather chasing



Mirror Facing


Crucifying my flesh

Cuz granny said its rough but its the key to unlock heaven’s Zion.. 

Taking risk unlike a bitch, I’m a Kobe game winner

I must take it cuz I don’t take my legacy lightly nigga

workin to be amongst the most high of figures..

Still listenin to the highest power tellin me this is nothin close to heaven nigga..

God: The purpose is not for you to make it and layup

God: The purpose is not just to make america pay up..

Even tho.. Red white & blues was outside life’s windows… have intentions to just let the clip go in ya Temple . 

Ego: Nigga I’m gettin my reparations… 40 acres & a mule aint enough… Fuck these cops and laws that keep me stuck… 

Im tryna live lavish.. Pass the blunt.. Champagne pains, designer choices i lust.. manifesting vanity to live it up.. 

You feel me tho?  

God:  no… The Fugg u workin to sleep for nigga??  wake the fuck up!

(Alarm sounding)

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