ogE (Ego)


Learned from the realist..  watching Fugg niggas..

amongst the fake that claim they killa

been around as if PAC was on repeat Dogg..

Making moves to survey the world in 3’s or 4’s

Paris visions talking to a French Model on the phone..

Hoes know..

Never stopped for em so more attention they show..

Never wanted fame tha game only showed me deniro

OG type shit to invest in the plans of my fiscal

No cliff…

taxes or huxtable

Juxtapose as if its 98 Roc tho

Rap Game, Crack Game laws used to spit this dope..

98 livin surrounded by real niggas who ain’t got time to watch…

Nothin But execute & plot..

Too Hungry for another vision..

To hungry to not see millions

still tryna do the right, but none of my niggas listen..

Starving for the perception to be different..

But from them you’ll never hear it..

So I’m just tryna Grasp the servant & capture the listener…

Make sure them other mufuggas call me Mr..

Respect my mind as if I’m OG nigga..

Smoking on the same prescription

Shootin for the stars..

But Never got to high to miss it..

Steve Nash in these bars..

My Niggaa..

Prioritize.. Figures…

Ain’t meet maker but I feel em..

Blessed to be living..

So I never discriminate against any bills I gets em…

Runnin too fast to cash…

a nigga there in a instant

Chase dat money right into the

chase nigga…

Prioritize mine to be equipped with the wood grain steering

Put em through college and they can’t  even spell tuition


We Living…

images are closer than appearing & all of this is mine

Cuz Palms allergic to anything so they forever itching..


Struck them hoes attention but i Spare no one of this sketch Pimpin

Cause wasn’t round when a nigga ain’t eat for dinner..

Now I’m tha Ace of the deck..

I’m paid in full figures

Thinkin bout more than figures as she figured

That I pushed this hustle to another level…

no limit…

They on my dick and lookin at it as a advance nigga..

Artistry on the dope that I configure

Pacino on Life I administer the picture

What the fugg you thought this was this the inspiration

Thug motivation for some cool niggas…

Roll up..

Pass that then repeat with tha same intention..

Kobe in 99 nigga..

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