Point of Views..


Point of views changed as the work is focused on the views…

Point of views changed when u lose

Point of views as I shoot and record the times of the crew..

Point of Views as I’m now on the channel 7 news

Look into the sky wondering when I will flip the page…

Now able to look into my 3rd eye and stay..

But I’m seeming to have a problem with this phase..

Inner city raised

Never watered down by the rage..

Influenced by the OG’s that smoked away my days…

Grew knowledge of the Game..

Grew to concentrate and never fall into the man’s maze..

Institutionalized by the rise of the fall that was plagued..

My women die internally just for cash as they wait..

For the idea of Prince charming,its alarming to fate..

Love & Hip Hop is not that at all it’s a box of ignorance

The present of reality is the distraction to what really matters

The fact of the matter that we are of an species of a latter..

That’ll soon be understood as history’s Evelyn factor..

Runnin towards the mental of the screen so I guess we’re all actors..

Entertain us or your nameless and u never matter…

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