(Lil wayne 2006) 

So close to heaven, hell just give me time….


but how far do we have to go?

God don’t give me no lies.. 

Lebron decisions prior to our own knowledge tho..


Not close to the edgee…

Jumpin everytime..

Cause i never heard a broke nigga say it.. so shiit… I’m tryna divee!

So close, but when do u know??

Ridin around in the best smokin on indo..Info accumulated to add even more..

No Interest rates on these hoes, so we never save those..

Clouds now dolla signs or gold, Under money trees, Seeing Shades of growth.. Breaking down the leaves… And we planting more..

Ride wit a nigga… these dreams are zoomin in.. The pictures are coming close..

4k now andre benjamin countin benjamins.. So gone..  

Started with nothin but now, we on..

Hungry for it all..Warren Buffet is all..I know it’s Buffett but fugg it..

U get the point dogg.

Provoked by the same intentions that tell me no..

Said u a wrapper right where that shit, make em them hoes know??

That shit that make them hoes go…

The shit that’ll have a nigga like Ooooooo!

That future shit.. That Gotti shit …. That Gucci type… Nigga u know.


I was Confused by the latter cause i was too busy tryna push and please the pastor..

Like pusha t and malice… So Lord willin.. I make to live after the rapture… 

I make it to the top so I can finally ask for forgiveness..

Look him in his eyes and understand a Hov’s Witness..


Look him in his eyes and ask to speak to PAC for a minute..

But hey..

They say I got a while to go..

So lets get this paper to the sky cause we started as above so below..

blast UGK just to appreciate it mo…

Stack up and realize just how close..

We are to our Vision Board… Designed it myself… I’m Jay Z, vuitton & Corleone..

Born of the commission nigga, Black Luciano son..

Never stop, Never change…

cause this is all we know mang..

Askin the my reflection how much longer to heaven from where we came..

From bottom levels to champagne pains… 

Swear I’m close..

How close??

Too Close..

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