3rd Eye in all situations maybe they figured its cause of my pigmentation

maybe It’s the reaction of 2pac playing…

As if its the immaculate Malcolm speech of slaving

Complexed to the mental of most others playing


cause most are lost…

stuck on abc..

fundamentals are memorized lies

So they Memorized ideals to crucify for the shine..

Peace onto all that hustle without a conscious in the mind..

Peace unto all unless u can’t afford the nines..

Olympics or Smith and Wesson

Lesson to mention the negative just so I’ll get attention…

Guess I’m just a nigga

King of all that I survey…

so I studied outside typical plays

Lebron Mind-state..

Trap life Or a road 2 pyramids…

fork in the road tellin me to just  live

Still stuck choosing the same ways to eat today..

Tutankhamen or Ramen

Scarface or Malcolm

Common or Gucci problems

Unstoppable or the Pain of Martin

Journey is yours as yo love & vices await..

Withering away as I wait

Can’t hesitate..

Iverson 98

Progressively grab this weight…

Contagiously Attracting Da Evils

As i continuously pray…

For another way..


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