1997 hov


Mufuggas can’t rhyme no more bout shit no more..

Feasible to this rap shit nigga u see the score

Been told I’ma protege to the life and times to the core..

So I’m level minded and never sacrificial for whores

Og told me he hate when a nigga sit back admiring yours..

So ever since I’ve been Tryna triple the vision board..

While playing the allure

I Visioned more..

Complexed interest in my favor to gain and soar..

Coupes and Leer jets

CL 550 two of em of course

No tint on the bitch so u know she ain’t yours…

Made Foreign affairs shares Global Grind..

I’ve never lost..

Studying the Boss..

With Faith in the cross

That’s across my heart

“Pass that OG”

conversation wit the founders of how I’m me..

How I took my vision and made reality..

Put in the Real World and changed the telepathy..

Of my future to guarantee that I charge more fees..

But i see They Charge more like battier under Kobe…

Tryna stop my drive with no keys but I’m automatic start

Miami #6 or Knicks #33

Me and my homies started from the bottom and now we..

Hustle this Jigga shit 94 to infinity..

It’s none other than we..

So Soon ya will know the definition of Calamity ..

Apply it to ya cash or pay to get seen..  mufugga…

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