​The closet i get to the top.. 

The deeper the ground will collapse…

Slave feet in the mud, runnin laps. 

My ego cracks the whip as my soul looks at the contract.. 

Praying to god i don’t snap… 

Love of my life is a hoe that im tryna feed knowledge, and all she want is my ignoramce.. 

I never miss her calls.. 

Im addicted to our fuckin..

I place my goddess on the back burner for this hoe that just wants pimps, addicts, and nobodies… 

What am i truly doing.. 

Pursuing love from the art that loves nobody.. 

In the land of thought.. Nobody prospers…

So i stay nobody till i prosper.. 

Selfish in my attempts to jump to the future of my journey… 

My consequences may just be that everything i love genuinely could be taken from me..

For a spot in the matrix.. 

Fake love and business vacations… 

Studying satan to move ahead of the others waiting..

Where has my soul gone? 

Living through infinity tryin to get beyond.. 

Its on its way.. 

Including this written blessing from god

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