Life is all about yo choices…

Whether good or bad..

Consequence comes..

Dependin on yo choice is what will happen

Verse 1

Grew up in a city dat was tore up from da start…racing to get that money up with more than heart…that’s why it’s kinda familiar to see death and make a deal for ya part..

Cuz graduating and makin it 2 19 could easily set u apart

& the talk bout college was a fantasy 2 otha people heart

but the talk bout trappin was just anotha way 2 support…

either yo moms or ya child We just tryna get to money mountain…

smart enough to go out and be a broker or an accountant

chose 2 be on the corna and just be tha 1 countin…

Forewarning the same mornin…

that we slow this process cuz her best friend sons hurtin…

never knew in his right mind what kinda climb was on dat mountain..

the money was comin fast the enemies came in by the ounce and..

He has no choice but smoke em..

Rolled em up and inhaled the potent ones…

Repenting cuz of the new company on…

now closer to the cumulus or the core of earths pussy…

Made moves unlike any other rookie…

Kinda like rg3..

They yellin MVP most valuable potency

Frank Lucas type treasury…

never dreamed that he would see this amount of money

wanted more & wanted more….

got addicted to the side effects of the allure..

Black album started to make sense so much more..

and persona changed suddenly

2 faces accompanied with that pound and up money..

Villian in the perspective of witnesses in 80’s….

Priority of it wasnt just ima do this now and go 2 college mommy

It was now this is it for me…

Spiraled down but gained more than this economy…

lied 2 his self 4 glorification of doing wrongly…

Lied to his homies to take em away from the mournings

That order population regulation that kick in doors and just started to chopping…

sold 2 his kinfolk sold 2 his homies

sold 2 da chick dat was on his arm now she look bummy

wit no sense of vision of his show or reality

a sense of god strength u cant touch me type immortality….

Played anotha man bout his money wit da same mentality

double crossed em got somebody killed in his family

man said “Its no winnin in the game of brutality

sooner or later we all have 2 die eventually

but how soon thats only yo choice u feel me???

& he made dat desicion when the thought entered his mind see”

My part one to Our Reality…


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