familiar faces..

Who’s to say I’m really livin in this position that has been humbly given

Not complaining lord but I’m just sayin

I’m prayin everyday for the words to get them away from slaying

But yet he just got shot up over some slang-in

Who says that man can control whether it not his life vacant

Better yet who gives the permission to lives taken

two scholarships to play ball at a prestigious college

Baby on da way ain even no wat to call it…

Robbed and killed and not damn thing was in dat man wallet

shot in his sternum point blank is wat they call it

Damn…I just don’t understand..how could u not give a damn about his own plans

Jealousy and envy

I guess gives the men Desire to kill amongst his brethren

cuz he evidently better than

Moms is devastated at the fact that it took her 19 years to raise it

Taught him everything and he just made it

Empty world in her mind so elated

cuz her baby will never come in that door and say moma I…

Made it…


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